Professional Services


There are four main areas to the Professional Services offered by New Technology CADCAM that help you get the most of your investment. Take advantage of our consultancy on implementation, simulation and analysis, application programming interface (API programming) and data management.

Implementation consultancy

Before you install SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, we can offer an initial period of consultation to establish a methodology and timetable so that your implementation runs smoothly. Our Professional Services team can install and configure all the hardware and software so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible, but they can also help with converting legacy data, configuring drawing templates or producing part libraries.

Simulation and analysis consultancy

Think you understand what the software is telling you or could you do with some extra support? We offer analysis consultancy in finite element analysis, mechanisms simulation and computational fluid dynamics, with the emphasis on you. Our consultancy can ensure that you understand all the methodology and results of tests. Quite often this activity can lead to one of our bespoke training sessions so all of your team are aware of the power functionality within the software.

API programming

Our knowledgeable software programmers are able to develop custom user defined SOLIDWORKS tools that will work through the API and automate repetitive tasks, thereby removing potential barriers to improved productivity.

Data management implementation

This is a flexible product which aims to provide direct support for system administrators as they identify their design requirements, configure and implement the operational solution and acquire the necessary skills to maintain the system in the long run. It can be as simple as a number of days training and on-site assistance, to the delivery of a fully configured company-wide implementation. Contact us if you’re not sure where to start – you can reach us on 01844 295 235.