In the education sector aligning students with the correct training is essential for the future of the growth of the economy

  1. Overview

    Today’s students are tomorrow’s decision makers and industry leaders. It’s a fact! From primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities learning a 3D CAD package can give you an edge in the classroom and help in a competitive job market. Employers look not only for a strong background in engineering and design fundamentals but also for skills that have become an integral part of modern design.
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  3. Solution

    New Technology CADCAM is committed to providing the best learning resources and the most innovative CAD software solutions to students and educators. Our solution provides the best suite of tools of engineering design, documentation, simulation and sustainability in one easy-to-learn, easy-to-use package. With standards-based curriculum, industry recognised certification and the user community, students gaining these skills will have a real advantage in a competitive world.

  4. Benefits

    • Designs can be verified without having to manufacture costly prototypes
    • Student Access Package – allows students to access educational software outside the classroom or laboratory
    • University research license allows researchers to access the latest in engineering technology while communicating with other researchers and industrial users around the world.
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