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Consumer Products

Consumer products generally refer to a wide array of manufactured goods.

  1. Overview

    Consumer products generally refer to a wide array of manufactured goods which are purchased primarily for personal, family and/or household purposes and include such diverse products as apparel, furniture, toys, major household appliances, printers and sporting and athletic goods.

    Consumers worldwide demand reliable, cutting-edge products that deliver outstanding value. Higher sales, market prestige and brand loyalty are the rewards for companies that create consumer products, whilst maintaining shorter product life cycles and constant product innovation. Mechanical engineers in the Consumer Products Industries are being asked to take on increasing levels of industrial design, because visual appeal and perception of quality are amongst the greatest assets. Object shapes ae becoming more and more complex and product development is becoming globalised.

  2. Statistics

  3. Solution

    New Technology provides integrated product lifecycle management that covers the full range of modelling, simulation and communication that consumer product designers need to create aesthetically pleasing and functional designs faster and at a lower cost.

  4. Benefits

    • Greater control of design data
    • Improved communication with customers
    • Reduced design and development costs
    • Increased integration with manufacturing process
    • Test key design elements without the need for prototypes, thereby speeding up product development process
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