Using DriveWorks to Speed Up the Design Process


Winder Electrical

The Company

Winder Electrical is the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of Power Transformers and they are a major supply partner to the UK utility sector, as well as the world market.

The Challenge

Previously, Winder Electrical's in-house engineers spent a lot of their time on repetitive design features. Using DriveWorks has sped up this process, enabling the engineers to use their time, skills and knowledge more productively to work on more involved design work.

The Solution

Winder Electrical have taken full advantage of the design rules utilised in DriveWorks to ensure that their Power Transformer designs are made to the highest degree of quality and accuracy for their customers.


  • Model creation and assembly. DriveWorks = 50% reduction in time and effort
  • Drawing and document creation. DriveWorks = 50% reduction in time and effort