SOLIDWORKS Speeds Up Designing with Drones for Circumspectis

Circumspectis - SOLIDWORKS enables designing with drones


The Company

Circumspectis uses the latest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to carry out land surveys. Founded by CAD engineer Christian Deas, the company works for a range of clients on environmental, agricultural and landscaping projects.

The Challenge

Having worked closely with farming professionals and utility firms, Christian spotted a gap in the market to improve the accuracy, cost and speed of landscape site surveys and inspections using the latest in UAV technology. Scanning the landscape with a drone, Christian needed a CAD software that could import scan data and convert it into CAD models that he could manipulate to deliver accurate site plans and construction drawings to client specifications.

The Solution

Christian has been using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for engineering design projects since 2001. For Circumspectis, he needed a CAD package with specific tools including Finite Element Analysis, a CAD library Toolbox, Rendering and a Product Data Management system. Christian says after evaluating other CAD systems he found SOLIDWORKS Professional was the best in terms of its user-friendly interface, affordability and CAD functionality.

For his new droning venture, Christian uses SOLIDWORKS ScanTo3D solution, which reduces the time required to build complex 3D models of real-world items. By taking 3D scan data such as point clouds and mesh, SOLIDWORKS ScanTo3D can quickly convert the information into 3D solids and surfaces.

The Results

  • Being able to offer UAV surveys as a real design solution
  • Ability to carry out site surveys, building inspections and 3D topological scanning
  • Converting the data to use in 3D modelling
  • Designing for agricultural and civil engineering projects much easier and faster

“With SOLIDWORKS I wouldn't have a business. With SOLIDWORKS we can quickly convert the 3D scan data into useable surface CAD models. It's easy to use and our design processes are significantly faster, which means we can spend more time on innovation and discovering new design applications."

Christian Deas

Founder & Managing Director, Circumspectis