SOLIDWORKS Solves Big Optics Challenge for Adlens



The Company

Adlens is an innovative designer and manufacturer of variable focus eyewear. Established in 2005, the company has offices in Tokyo and Boston, with its headquarters and R&D facility based in Oxford

The Challenge

Adlens has been using SOLIDWORKS to design variable focus glasses since 2005. It now wanted to develop this technology to aid a more fashionable range of self-focus glasses. The challenge was to incorporate this technology into a more fashionable frame with non-round lenses and this was compounded by the fact that the principal designer Paul Masser was a former Pro/E user and new to SOLIDWORKS.

The Solution

As a Creo superuser converting to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Paul found there were many similarities in the basic CAD modelling principals that he could assimilate quickly. The bigger challenge was in finding out how to achieve comparable 3D functionality in the SOLIDWORKS framework and fast. 

By booking a SOLIDWORKS Design Review with NT CADCAM, Paul was able to have a SOLIDWORKS Elite applications engineer come on site, meet the team and help identify any issues to boost user productivity. Working with the engineers at NT CADCAM, Paul was able to find successful work arounds that meant his team could get similar results by using a combination of methods including insert parts.

The Results

  • Validate best CAD practices
  • Future Proof processes for scalability
  • Ease of 3D system transition
  • Cost effective FEA
  • Adlens design is the first major advancement in optics in over 50 years

“I was a Pro/E diehard so I was surprised to find after the initial pain of converting to SOLIDWORKS that I actually preferred it.”

"The Design Review was a great sanity check, it helped us validate that we were using best practice within SOLIDWORKS."

Paul Masser

Principal Designer, Adlens