SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design - Kennedy Hygiene Puts First EMEA License to Work


Kennedy Hygiene

The Company

Kennedy Hygiene has been a leading manufacturer of washroom products since 1961 when it introduced the first roller towel cabinet. Based in East Sussex, the company has continuously evolved its design process and now produces fully integrated handwash systems. Investing a significant percentage of its turnover into new product development, it was the perfect partner to assist SOLIDWORKS in the development of its revolutionary Conceptual Design software (formerly known as Mechanical Conceptual) through the LightHouse pilot programme.

The Challenge

Kennedy Hygiene wanted a more forgiving way of turning "pencil and paper" conceptual design stages into a faster and more effective feasibility process.

The Solution

Conceptual Design was the perfect fit as it allowed them to designed their hygiene systems in small confined spaces.

The Result

  • 40 per cent reduction in overall conceptual design phase
  • Improved management of concept feasibility
  • Faster trace paths

"Conceptual Design is a revolutionary approach to creating a concept and saving design time"

William Macleod

Product Design Manager