SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks - a Winning Combination for Designing Championship Air Arms


NSP Engineering (Air Arms)

The Company

NSP Engineering (Air Arms) make sporting air rifles that set the hunting standard; and competition rifles that win world championships. They are market leaders within the mid-range sector and sell throughout the world through over 35 resellers.

In 1983 neither the airguns themselves nor the industry that produced them could be called hi-tech, but NSP founder Bob Nicholls was determined that this would change with Air Arms leading the way.

The Challenge

Air Arms wanted to develop a new gun that would give them an edge over their competition. To do this they needed to design something really special.

The Solution

Surfacing has always been a huge challenge for Air Arms, and their gun components require a mixture of 2, 2.5 and 3 axis tool paths. SOLIDWORKS working together with CAMWorks provided the key to achieve just what they needed, with vastly improved results.


  • Close association with SOLIDWORKS
  • Ability to work with Tombstones and Cube Fixtures
  • Greater design accuracy
  • Increased confidence on machine shop floor
  • Greatly reduced machine set up times
  • Design productivity increased by up to 50%
  • Given them an edge over their competition with a better designed product
  • Greatly reduced time to market

"It's all about making a better looking product and with SOLIDWORKS working with CAMWorks the possibility of achieving this is greatly enhanced, whilst at the same time greatly reducing time to market."

Alan George
General Manager, NSP Engineering (Air Arms)