Optimising Cooling Features for Electronics Packaging with S​OLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.


Polyrack Tech-Group

The Company

Effective packaging of racked electronic systems involving multiple printed circuit boards and complex heat transfer challenges demands the expertise of a company like the POLYRACK Tech-Group. The German manufacturer is a leading provider of integrated packaging solutions for the electronics industry. POLYRACK offers a range of products and services, including enclosures, 19-inch subracks, microcomputer packaging systems (MPS), industrial PC applications, and backplanes, as well as custom-tailored parts and solutions.

The Challenge

Optimise electronics cooling and innovate effective cooling system designs for racked electronic systems and components.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation CFD analysis software along with its Electronics Cooling Module to simulate heat transfer behavior in electronic systems.

The Result

  • Reduced development time from three months to two weeks
  • Cut two prototyping cycles 
  • Generated new flow simulation consulting business
  • Innovated new approaches to electronics cooling system design

"SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation not only improves our productivity and efficiency, but also lets us tackle heat transfer challenges that we would not be able to resolve without it."

Bernd Knab
Development Manager