Linear Motion Manufacturer Saves Time, Reduces Errors with SOLIDWORKS Inspection


PBC Linear

The Company

In 1983, a small company, Pacific Bearing Company, tackled what had become an industrial headache: failing linear ball bearings. With patented and innovative technology, the company has grown significantly since its founding, expanded its technology, and now operates as PBC Linear, a manufacturer of hundreds of linear motion products from individual, out-of-the-box components and mechanical sub-assemblies to complete linear systems.

The company's linear motion components are sold assembled in pre-engineered systems, slides and stages to a vast array of industries, including the military, medical device, lab automation, packaging, and industrial markets. All the company's products are manufactured at the company's manufacturing facility in Roscoe, IL. With its wide variety of products, making sure products are designed efficiently and make their way through the product development process in a timely manner is essential to staying ahead of their competitors.


To create inspection sheets - a single four or five-sheet drawing would require several pages of Excel file to do manually and would take anywhere from hours to up to a day to complete.


InspectionXpert for SOLIDWORKS works directly inside the SOLIDWORKS application to pull information or dimensions directly from the source drawings or models, and then populate the Excel spreadsheet in minutes.


  • Removed the possibility of human error
  • Speeded up the process of producing inspection sheets
  • Inspection sheets are now AS9100 compliant

"Even on a six- or seven-sheet drawing with a couple of hundred dimensions, with InspectionXpert, at the most it would take us five minutes to create an inspection sheet. Without the software, it would have taken a technician a day to create that same inspection sheet."

Mike McKee
Engineering Technician, PBC Linear