Innovating the World’s First Practical Jetpack with SOLIDWORKS Solutions


Martin Aircraft Company

The Company 

Mankind has dreamed of flying freely, like a bird, since the beginning of time; not just soaring within the confines of an airplane, helicopter, or rocket—or suspended from a hang glider or balloon—but as a single entity, with the only means of propulsion strapped on one’s back. The concept of the jetpack reaches back to the early days of science fiction, yet previous models were unwieldy, unsafe, or unrealistic. That’s until Martin Aircraft developed the Martin Jetpack, the world’s first practical jetpack.

The Challenge 

Accelerate development of the world’s first practical jetpack to enable safe, controllable, single-person flight.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium design software, and the SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation analysis applications, to optimize design, improve prototyping, and shorten development time.

The Result

  • Cut mold development from three weeks to a day
  • Eliminated need for prototype molds
  • Accelerated jetpack development
  • Named one of Time magazine’s 50 Best
  • Inventions of 2010

"There’s no doubt that SOLIDWORKS has helped us to accelerate development and save time and money."

Glenn Martin
Founding Director and Inventor