Capture New Markets, Whilst Increasing Innovation and Productivity with SOLIDWORKS


Jug Sports Inc

The Company 

JUGS Sports, Inc., has hit a home run since introducing the first baseball-pitching machine capable of throwing a curve ball several decades ago. Today, the Oregon-based company is the world's leading producer of baseball-pitching machines, softball-pitching machines, batting cages, radar guns, and other sports-related practice equipment trusted by professional and amateur athletes, as well as coaches, worldwide.

The company has expanded beyond its traditional focus on baseball and softball, developing ball-throwing systems for football, soccer, tennis, field hockey, and cricket. Not only does every Major League Baseball team use JUGS machines, every National Football League team and the professional cricket teams in India and Australia all have JUGS throwing machines.

The Challenge  

Expand the company’s pitching machine, radar gun, and ball-throwing system product line to capture new markets while at the same time increasing innovation and productivity.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Professional software to take advantage of virtual design iterations and advanced visualization tools.

 The Result

  • Reduced development time by 50 percent
  • Cut time from design to prototype in half
  • Expanded product line to capture youth market
  • Increased product innovation

"SOLIDWORKS software gives us the freedom to quickly develop a design, simulate its performance, check for interferences, and create a prototype."

Greg Anderson
Product Line Manager