Burn it, Flood it, Restore it—Fireproof, Waterproof Hard Drive Designed with SOLIDWORKS Software



The Company 

Truly safeguarding your data, whether it contains business information, personal finances, or photos of your children, demands more than a simple backup to a standard external hard drive. What happens when scorching fire, damaging floodwaters, or earthquake tremors hit your home or business? Today, some of your most precious effects reside on a computer hard drive—files that can never be replaced—unless you back them up and store them elsewhere. ioSafe Inc set out to provide simple protection for the growing volume of valuable personal and business data by creating disaster-proof data storage devices for computers ranging from notebooks to enterprise data centers.

Like an “aircraft black box for your data,” disaster-proof hardware presents both business and technical development challenges, according to ioSafe CEO Robb Moore. A trained engineer as well as an entrepreneur, Moore understood that launching, sustaining, and growing ioSafe would require a design platform that not only helped his company solve the complex physics involved, but also provided a foundation for accelerating product development and supporting rapid growth.

The Challenge

Develop a disaster-proof data storage device at an affordable price point that can adequately cool with airflow yet withstand damage from fire and water.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS design and simulation soft ware to study the physical forces at work and accelerate development.

The Result 

  • Cut time-to-market by 75 percent
  • Saved $15,000 per design by eliminating prototypes
  • Supported annual growth of 400 percent
  • Trained new designers in 80 percent less time

"With SOLIDWORKS software, we brought our design TI ME down from four months to a single month, reclaiming three months of potentially lost sales of a high-demand product. What we’ve done wouldn’t be possible without integrated CAD and simulation software for quickly iterating virtual prototypes."

Robb Moore  CEO