Innovating a Safer, Better Approach to Deepwater Drilling with SOLIDWORKS


Seabed Rig AS

The Company 

Half of the world's remaining oil reserves lie beneath the oceans' depths. Getting to them - especially in deep water or in the Earth's ice-covered Polar Regions - presents distinct engineering challenges, ranging from weather- and ice-related issues to the environmental and human safety risks associated with operating deepwater drilling platforms.

Norway-based Seabed Rig AS has invented a better, safer method for tapping this underwater resource. By developing an automated, robot-operated, unmanned drilling rig that sits on the bottom of the sea, the company has resolved problems related to weather-tossed seas, darkness, floating icebergs, and pack ice. Instead of building an offshore surface platform to drill for oil and gas at the seabed, up to 3,000 meters below, exploration companies can use the Seabed Rig system to drill on the sea floor using robotic systems, with only a support vessel at the surface. The Seabed Rig also eliminates the potential for human error, is safer, and costs less than conventional drilling platforms.

The Challenge

Develop an innovative, robotics-based system for oil and gas drilling and production on the seabed that does not require a conventional drilling platform.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Professional software to drive development, streamline interaction with suppliers, and enhance design visualisation.

The Result

  • Shorten development cycles
  • Streamlined interaction with suppliers
  • Created innovative 3D visualisation and control module
  • Developed next-generation automated drilling system

"We have come a long way since our founding, and SOLIDWORKS has been an important tool for helping us develop our technology."

Kenneth Mikalsen
Chief Technology Office, Seabed Rig AS