Pushing the Limits of Extreme Vehicle Design with SOLIDWORKS


Howe and Howe Technologies, inc.

The Company 

Twin brothers Geoff and Mike Howe were already working as engineers before they knew what engineering was. At age six, they took a toaster apart to figure out how it worked. At eight, they built a log cabin with a hand ax they got as a birthday present. At 10, they made a robotic arm using old bicycle parts.

Today, those same precocious inventors have become two of the top minds in the field of extreme vehicle fabrication and robotics. After developing the world’s fastest robotic tank, the Ripsaw, in 2001, Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc., won a string of contracts from the US Defense Department and private companies. Known in Defense Department R&D circles as the "Wright Brothers of the Military," at 31, they were among the youngest contractors to ever receive a prime-level contract from the US Military and set the record for the world’s smallest all-terrain armored vehicle in 2010.

The Challenge

Accelerate the design, fabrication, and assembly of extreme robotic vehicles, while simultaneously pushing the limits of innovation.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Premium software to take advantage of 3D design to improve visualization and automate manufacturing.

The Result

  • Shortened fabrication time by 1000 percent
  • Reduced scrap costs by 850 percent
  • Transformed hobby into multimillion-dollar business
  • Increased innovation in extreme vehicle design
  • "We are riding a wave of innovation that has become possible because of tools like SOLIDWORKS."

    Michael Howe