Filling the Need For More Complex Machine Designs with SOLIDWORKS


Fogg Filler

The Company 

When companies need to efficiently fill and cap containers with fluids as diverse as antifreeze, water, household products, pharmaceuticals, and dairy products, industry leaders turn to Fogg Filler for proven automation solutions. A leading innovator in the filling industry, Fogg Filler manufactures some of the best-performing rotary filling systems available, with speeds that can exceed 1,000 bottles per minute.

The Challenge

Solve complex filling challenges for custom machinery through improved efficiency and innovation.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D design and analysis software to simulate motion, stress loads, and fluid flows, and identify potential interference of components before manufacturing.

The Result

  • Reduced assembly time by four weeks
  • Cut prototype development time fromweeks to one day
  • Introduced industry innovations
  • Improved filling machine performance

"In our business, the best measure of efficiency is the ability to create custom parts and assemblies that fit together correctly the first time. SOLIDWORKS greatly increases the odds that we consistently achieve that goal, not just during initial assembly but also whenever we need to produce replacement parts for service."

Ben Fogg