Automating Emergency Warning Product Design with SOLIDWORKS PDM.



The Company 

The world’s largest manufacturer of emergency warning products, ECCO (Electronic Controls Company) focuses on innovation as an essential strategy for maintaining its leadership position. The company is not content just to produce backup alarms and amber warning lights for commercial vehicles, and has expanded into new markets, such as rearview closed-circuit television systems for industrial vehicles and red/blue warning lights for emergency services.

The Challenge

Automate development cycles to improve efficiency, formalize workflow processes, and eliminate paper documents.

The Solution

Implement the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM system and leverage SOLIDWORKS software’s open Application Programming Interface (API) to integrate PDM with critical design configuration, MRP, and cloud-based project management systems.

The Result

  • Realized a 25 to 30 percent reduction in design review and approval time
  • Cut configuration time from four hours to 30 minutes
  • Automated paperless review and approval process
  • Integrated PDM with critical business systems

"We are constantly challenged to do more with less. SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM is helping us leverage automation and get our work done faster and more cost-effectively."

Todd Mansfield
Engineering Team Leader