Helping Doctors Work to Save Infant Lives in the Developing World with SOLIDWORKS


Design That Matters, Inc.

The Company 

More than four million babies in the developing world die within a month of birth every year. Many other newborns suffering from jaundice caused by hyperbilirubinemia will develop permanent, long-term disabilities because the condition goes untreated. Providing access to effective, affordable treatments could save many infant lives and prevent countless medical problems for people in poor, rural communities.

Addressing these issues is the mission of Design that Matters, Inc., a nonprofit corporation founded by graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The founders believe that leveraging design innovation and technology to provide breakthrough solutions to social needs in the developing world produces a design that matters.

The Challenge 


The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Premium and 3DVIA Composer software to accelerate design and improve concept visualization.

The Result

  • Accelerated concept development
  • Improved ability to communicate design concepts visually
  • Cut cost of phototherapy treatment unit from $7,000 to $350
  • Helped doctors work to save infant lives in the developing world

"With SOLIDWORKS, we have a single, efficient tool for both creating innovative industrial designs and evaluating the practical, engineering aspects of new concepts."

Will Harris, IDSA