Accelerating Ergonomic Seating Design with SOLIDWORKS Software.


Dauphin North America

The Company 

Since seating standards and requirements differ across countries and markets—for instance, US office furniture must be larger than European seating—Dauphin North America modifies and adapts furniture designs, which are originally developed at the company’s headquarters in Germany, to serve the needs of its diverse markets. The company also creates original furniture designs that are specific to North America, such as lounge seating, which are not sold in other countries.

The Challenge

The company say they encountered compatibility and stability issues working in Inventor. “While I was able to open some Mechanical Desktop files, I could not open all of them. As a result, I had to work through many software crashes. A colleague at our sister company, Bosse, was using SOLIDWORKS® software, and could open the files that I could not. Before I could work on the files in Inventor, I had to first open them in SOLIDWORKS software and then save them as Inventor files.”

The Solution

That time-consuming experience, combined with a lack of effective support, prompted Hawkes to further investigate SOLIDWORKS software. At the same time, the German design group was also evaluating SOLIDWORKS software. Dauphin North America chose to migrate to SOLIDWORKS Professional because of its ease of use, advanced surfacing tools, configuration capabilities, responsive reseller support, and compatibility with Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD legacy data. The German design group also made the move to SOLIDWORKS software.

The Result

  • Cut design cycles by 50 percent
  • Substantially reduced design errors
  • Developed product families from a single design
  • Improved data compatibility with partners worldwide

"SOLIDWORKS software is so easy to use that i end up working at least twice as fast as I did in inventor."

Jake Hawkes
Product Designer