Advancing Water Treatment Technology with Integrated SOLIDWORKS Solutions.


Clearstream Environmental, Inc.

The Company 

When ClearStream Environmental, Inc., entered the water treatment market in 2002, the company was swimming against the industry stream in more ways than one.

Instead of adopting the development approaches that its competitors had used for decades, ClearStream embraced a philosophy of innovation and a commitment to using 3D design and simulation tools. The water treatment system developer did not want to merely match existing equipment for water, wastewater, and industrial treatment applications, but sought to grow its business by exceeding the effectiveness of traditional equipment and advancing the state of the art in water treatment system design.

The Challenge 

Carve out market space in the water treatment equipment industry by automating system development and advancing the effectiveness of water treatment technology.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS design, simulation, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis software along with the Certified Gold Product TactonWorks product configuration software.

The Result

  • Increased sales 100 percent annually for seven consecutive years
  • Boosted water/sludge separation efficiency by 25 percent
  • Delivered systems four to eight weeks faster than competitors
  • Cut proposal development time from days to hours

"When a prospective customer sees our SOLIDWORKS design renderings, our sales closing rate is somewhere between 90 and 100 percent."

Dustin Birch
Director of Engineering