Tilting Joystick Development in a New Direction with SOLIDWORKS


CH Products

The Company 

When the popularity of computer gaming exploded in the late 1980s, joysticks, controllers, and flight simulators from CH Products pioneered an industry. However, as the market became saturated—with the entry of heavyweight competitors like Logitech and Microsoft and a plethora of overseas low-cost manufacturers—the Vista, California, company sought to leverage its expertise in advanced motion-control technologies through the development of new markets.

CH Products now operates two distinct businesses—Industrial Controls and Simulation Products. The individual businesses have elevated CH Products’ technology far beyond its roots in computer gaming. CH Products’ Industrial Controls Business manufactures a wide range of resistive and hall-effect joysticks, used to operate equipment such as snowplows, construction vehicles, and video security cameras. The Simulation Business manufactures an expansive line of high-end USB avionic controllers that are ideal for both general aviation and military simulation.

The Challenge

Transition from its traditional gaming controller business by efficiently developing new joystick and motion-control products for industrial, military, and aviation simulation applications.

The Solution

Implement new processes and procedures that are empowered by state-of-the-art solutions like SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium design and analysis software.

The Result

  • Cut development time by 50 percent
  • Reduced prototyping time investment by 90 percent
  • Entered strategic markets through the development of new products
  • Increased innovation with surface modeling and design visualization

"CH Products has reinvented itself to pursue strategic markets, and SOLIDWORKS is helping us achieve our product development goals."

Shane Beams
Senior Mechanical Engineer