Improving the Treatment of Vascular Disease with SOLIDWORKS Software


Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

The Company 

Vascular disease has become a major health problem for more than 17 million people. Whether the buildup of arterial plaque occurs in the extremities, known as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), or in the blood vessels surrounding the heart, known as coronary artery disease, it constricts the blood flow, threatens the health, and compromises the lifestyles of its victims. Angioplasty, the traditional treatment of the condition, involves the use of a balloon on the end of a catheter to infl ate blood vessels. However, this method is not always eff ective, particularly in removing the calcifi ed plaque that is oft en the primary source of the problem.

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI) is revolutionizing the treatment of vascular disease through the development of a disposable, diamond-coated, catheter-based device. Utilizing the principle of centrifugal force, CSI’s device orbits the interior wall of the artery at speeds of 200,000 revolutions per minute and grinds away up to 90 percent of the plaque creating the obstruction—a procedure known as orbital atherectomy. A new version of the Diamondback 360® OAD System, which is cleared by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in limb arteries, will begin clinical trials for the treatment of coronary artery disease in 2010.

The Challenge

Develop, commercialize, and manufacture  clinically proven, safe, and effective medical devices for the treatment of vascular disease.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium analysis, and 3DVIA Composer technical communication soft ware to accelerate development, streamline manufacturing, and garner regulatory approvals.

The Result

  • Reduced development time by 25 percent
  • Cut manufacturing costs by 20 percent
  • Introduced eff ective treatment for removing arterial plaque
  • Improved health and lifestyles of vascular disease patients

"We are also using 3DVIA Composer to create animations of new designs for consulting physicians to show how the product will inject, travel, and work."

Christopher Narveson
Design and Engineering Services Manager