Bramptons Provides Superior Customer Service and Quadruples Production with DriveWorks



The Company

Bramptons is a privately owned company that has been designing and manufacturing custom elevators since 1983 and has built its highly successful business by delivering excellent customer service.

Quick responses to customer queries and orders

Now using DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS they can quickly and accurately respond to customer enquiries and specify each customer's elevator.

It also enables them to generate a contract specification document detailing all the customer's requirements. The system creates all the manufacturing documentation required for production i.e. drawings, cutting lists and 3D representations.

Because the information is captured at the start of the enquiry, and only entered once, the output documents can be created more quickly than previously. And the output is also more accurate. "Customers can now see 3D images and drawings of their elevator. This provides us with a real competitive edge."

Rules-based design automation

The DriveWorks system is based on rules. This means that once relevant information has been captured it can be reused in a highly efficient manner. For example the size of the car, how many doors it is to have, what type of doors etc will effect the output such as the number of sheet metal panels the car is to be manufactured from, where the seams are to be and so on.

The elevators are complex with many rules and decisions. However, because the rules have been captured into the DriveWorks Rules Engine it is possible to re-use this information. It is accessed via the custom user interface they have created.

Developing customer experience

Bramptons have made specifying a new elevator part of their customer's experience. Customers can sit with a Bramptons sales rep and go through their design specification, to ensure their needs are met and that Bramptons can indeed manufacture and deliver at the price that the customer requires. This has speeded up the specification process and made it more accurate.

There are several user friendly input screens with intelligent navigation to go through. The whole process can take up to an hour to complete; however this is all part of the positive customer experience and the end result is a comprehensive document that the customer signs as a contract to manufacture.

"In the past it would have taken up to 2 weeks to get back to a customer with a quote and a further 3 weeks to produce manufacturing drawings. Now we produce everything we need within 24 hours of completing the specification. We are manufacturing 4 times as many elevators."