Inventing Cool, Green, Next-Generation Vehicles with S​OLIDWORKS.



The Company

Before founding the corporation that bears his initials, Benjamin P. Gulak was a young inventor with an idea for making green vehicles cool. At 19, Gulak transformed a design for an electric scooter that began as a high school science project into an international sensation.

The UNO electric scooter won the grand prize at the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, was named one of the Top 10 Inventions of 2008 by Popular Science magazine, and raised enough money from investors to allow Gulak to found BPG, Inc. The company has continued development of the UNO motorcycle and is developing other innovative vehicle designs, such as the DTV Shredder, a crossover vehicle for action sports.

Converting the buzz, excitement, and ingenuity of Gulak's early engineering achievements into actual products that support a successful manufacturing business is challenging, and requires the efforts of a full-time design and engineering team working in a capable and cost-effective development environment.

The Challenge

Develop unique, innovative vehicle concepts and transform these ideas into manufacturable designs and commercial products.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Premium design and analysis software to refine concepts and produce manufacturable designs.


  • Cut design time by 50 percent
  • Reduced number of prototyping cycles
  • Improved design manufacturability
  • Introduced first-of-its-kind product

"We have essentially condensed a several-year development cycle and eliminated a number of prototyping cycles by using SOLIDWORKS Premium software."

Dan Arnold
Mechanical Engineer