Visualizing the Path to Innovation in Contact Lens Design with SOLIDWORKS Software.


Bausch & Lomb

The Company 

One of the most respected healthcare brands in the world, Bausch & Lomb is dedicated to perfecting the vision and enhancing the lives of people around the globe. Since 1853, the company has advanced the state of the art in optics and eye health technologies. Today, Bausch & Lomb continues to lead the development of innovative contact lenses and lens-care products, as well as ophthalmic surgical devices, instruments, and pharmaceuticals.

The Challenge

Automate the design and manufacture of an increasing number of contact lens configurations while driving innovation to develop thinner, more comfortable contact lenses and to elevate the degree of precision of optics and tooling designs.

The Solution

Implement the SOLIDWORKS 3D design platform to leverage SOLIDWORKS surfacing, analysis, and simulation tools and to visualize lens geometries more precisely and completely.

The Result

  • Achieved 60 percent reduction in development time
  • Reduced number of prototypes by 50 percent
  • Improved lens comfort and orientation
  • Increased precision in optics and tooling development

"From an engineering standpoint, SOLIDWORKS software is easy to learn and easy to use. That’s why we do all of our design work in SOLIDWORKS."

Robert Stupplebeen
Biomechanical Engineer