Lightfoot: Creating a Stir in Vehicle Telematics with SOLIDWORKS


Ashwoods Automotive Ltd

The Company

A young, dynamic and visionary company, Ashwoods Automotive Ltd is a leading UK based design and engineering company, combining cutting-edge innovation with an astute understanding of its customers’ needs.  

Ashwoods Automotive designs and develops award-winning market-driven engineering solutions. It is the UK's leading supplier of Hybrid commercial vehicles and has successfully developed its own technology to produce components such as electric motors and battery packs.

The Challenge

After successfully expanding into components for hybrid vehicles, Ashwoods Automotive recognised growing demand from their customers for an interactive driver solution. Customers wanted a system that would monitor and interact with the driver’s behaviour while at the same time retaining telematic data to provide fleet managers with a snapshot of driver performance and key metrics.

The Solution

Using SOLIDWORKS, Ashwoods Automotive began work on Lightfoot, a simple system that modifies driver behaviour by working in-vehicle with the driver. Mechanical Engineer Simon Comerford needed to design Lightfoot’s in-cab display unit that would alert the driver through audible and visual guides. 

Simon says SOLIDWORKS also helped them react quickly to any design changes: "There were numerous versions in development and SOLIDWORKS let us update and improve the design with ease. It is a good, intuitive package and is key in helping us produce new and innovative products, such as Lightfoot, very quickly."

The Results

  • Full design solution from concept to manufacture with SOLIDWORKS.
  • Accelerated development time.
  • Innovative design changes made easy
  • Ease of file sharing.
  • Reduced downtime with technical support from New Technology CADCAM

“The technical support we receive from New Technology CADCAM is superb. They usually sort any queries we have over the phone, but if they can’t they will work on it and always get back to us with a solution. I have never yet been able to stump them.” 

Simon Comerford

Mechanical Engineer, Ashwoods Automotive

Watch a video about how Lightfoot works