eDrawings Pro for iPad

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    • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
eDrawings Pro for iPad has been introduced to make it easier for users to collaborate, share and review designs in today's more connected world.

eDrawings Pro for iPad brings 2D and 3D collaboration to the next level with more functionality, including dynamic cross section views, measurements, markups and annotations, and the unique ability to share them all by email.

With a brand new intuitive user interface and improved performance, you are able to dynamically view cross sections of your models in XY, YZ or ZX directions from both sides and easily drag the cross section plane on screen.

Now you can also measure distances in your parts and assemblies with easy-to-use selection filters for faces, edges, vertices, and cylindrical holes.

eDrawings Pro for iPad lets you create markups on your 3D models, including text input, freehand notations, dimensions, cross section views, pictures and camera snapshots. You are able to share your marked-up eDrawings files by saving them and send them to others for review.

eDrawings Pro for iPad is now available on the Apple iTunes App Store.


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