DriveWorks Pro Integration with EPDM

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Many companies that need to create contract or customer specific designs will find that they generate quite a lot of valuable data and documents for each job. For that reason DriveWorks Pro, the Design Automation/Sales Configurator Solution makes it easy to manage this data by including out of the box integration to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.

DriveWorks Pro can be set up to automatically integrate with SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM to securely store all documents created by DriveWorks in the design process.

An example of how it works:

Say you configure a cupboard in a browser, using DriveWorks Pro Live. You fill out the form including quote number, customer name, materials, dimensions etc ...

When your design is complete and you click "Release", DriveWorks Pro Autopilot starts working in the background to generate the new files.

As DriveWorks Pro Autopilot creates all the files, these are sent into the SOLIDWORKS Entrprise PDM Vault. When this is complete you can open up the location where DriveWorks has saved the files: you can see the drawings, models, parts assemblies have all been automatically checked into the EPDM vault.

When you configure your design on the web and click go, everything in the background has been created and checked in., It's really easy to set up via the settings screens in DriveWorks Pro. Just enter: Valut Name, User Name and Password, etc - and then DriveWorks takes care of the rest.

To see all of this in action check out the EPDM Integration video


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