NT CADCAM Master TransMagic Reseller


NT CADCAM, have been appointed Master Reseller for the UK and Ireland for TransMagic data translation software. TransMagic provides the easiest and most reliable way for manufacturing professionals to reuse 3D data in any CAD/CAM/CAE application. It simplifies the transfer of 3D CAD data between applications, improves the quality of 3D model files and significantly reduces manufacturing costs.

TransMagic products are designed for professionals working a wide variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, government, electronics and consumer products. Tool and die makers, mould makers, mechanical engineers and designers; virtually all manufacturing professionals benefit from using TransMagic. Designed to serve individuals, workgroups or entire companies the software is available in a number of different suites. 

On the one hand, TransMagic supports high quality model translation, visualisation, repair and collaboration. On the flipside of the tool, TransMagic enables complete automation and rapid integration into PLM systems to transform difficult internal processes using automatic unattended features. Create a 2D image library of all your CAD data to add to your database for faster visual searches and other downstream usage such as data archival, file validation and more.

TransMagic has been very instrumental in NT CADCAM winning the largest order in its history. TransMagic's customers include ABB, Boeing, Chrysler, Caterpillar, Honda, Lockheed Martin, Sony, GE, Siemens, NASA, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, SEMA and many more.

Supported Formats:

TransMagic reads and converts all major CAD files into multiple formats as high quality models usable in any 3D software including CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, JT, UG/NX, Inventor, Pro/E, and many more.

TransMagic also exports files into several non-CAD formats such as STL, OBJ, PLY, HSF, PDF and 3D HTML.

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