NT CADCAM Support Sick Newborn And Their Parents

SSNAP Baby Intensive Care Unit

Chris Horn has two lovely twin daughters of his own, but it might not have been so when the girls were first born and one of them was taken ill. Chris and his wife Karen were grateful for the support of the Oxford based charity SSNAP (Support for Sick Newborns and their Parents) and as a result Chris had no hesitation in agreeing when asked recently if he would become a director of the charity.

SSNAP (Support for the Sick Newborn And their Parents) is a locally based charity to our head office in Aylesbury, which supports the Newborn Intensive Care Unit comprising Intensive Care, High Dependency and Low Dependency nurseries at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. SSNAP exists to help ensure the survival of sick newborn babies and support their parents through a difficult and sometimes bewildering experience.

Having a baby born prematurely, sick or needing to be cared for on a Newborn Intensive Care Unit can be a very anxious, worrying and emotionally exhausting time for any parent. Some parents describe the experience as an "emotional rollercoaster" with higher highs and lower lows.


The Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital is very fortunate to have two Family Support Workers, funded by SSNAP, who work with parents and their extended family members to ensure that they are fully supported while their baby is on the Special Care Nursery. Indeed the support does not stop at a baby's discharge but can continue when baby is at home. SSNAP relies on the generosity of its members and supporters, and receives no government or NHS funding.

NT CADCAM have decided to make this one of the charities that we support through events and other activities.

If you’d like to find out more about SSNAP and the work that they do why not take a look at their website www.ssnap.org.uk


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