New DriveWorks Weekly Webinars

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From 2nd August 2012 DriveWorks is launching a series of weekly webinars on specialist topics, demonstrating how to get the most from DriveWorks Software.

The webinars are designed to provide added value to all DriveWorks Customers with an active subscription support contract.

These Value Add webinars will include topics that show how to use the software e.g. "Specification Flow" (basic and advanced sessions) and also tips and tricks suggesting how to improve the use of DriveWorks e.g."Funk Up Your Forms".

The first session "From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro" is available to EVERYONE on Thursday 2nd August between 4pm and 5pm. You can register via our Events page.

If you already know about DriveWorks Solo and would like to do more, then this webinar is ideal for you. It reveals some of the additional functionality available in DriveWorks Pro and sets out the steps to using DriveWorks as a Sales Configurator.


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