Visual-Factories Performance Improvement Management (PIM) system is autonomous, digital factory, machine learning, cloud based solution for manufacturers to reduce operations inefficiencies and monitor & control their true costs per part.

Reliable data collection

The PIM system continuously captures the production machines activity in real time, without any human intervention.  If you have more than one factory – no problem, Visual-Factories PIM uses cloud based software to collect all output and give you one overall ‘view’ of activity.

Powerful reporting

State of the art algorithms can provide instant or scheduled updates to production managers or controllers for the famous Monday Morning Meeting (although we know some of you have them daily!). Define your existing resources and process optimal capabilities so you can accurately establish and monitor manufacturing Costs Per Part.


Visual-Factories has a very clever take on how it uses your data to motivate and encourage staff. For years, sales teams have been measured against each other via leader boards, now Visual-Factories has applied this methodology to its solution and production operatives, so their efficiency and capacity can be measured accurately and compared.

Key Benefits

  • Achieve optimal efficiency of production machines
  • Monitor and control cost per part
  • As a result of the above improve gross profit