World class designs need world class manufacturing solutions and here at New Technology CADCAM we’ve gathered together a range of products to help you overcome today’s manufacturing challenges. 

Modern day organisations deal with many different file types, some of which originate from your suppliers or customers (who may not necessarily share the same CAD platform) and others may originate from the other side of the world, so communicating about problem files will present challenges.

Therefore seamless data translation and repair is a vital part of the manufacturing process, so to assist in this, New Technology CADCAM are the UK distributors for the market leading TRANSMAGIC range of products. Offering a product to fulfil most requirements the product range is modular and can be evaluated without obligation.

To complement award winning data translation solutions, New Technology CADCAM offers the CAMWorks range of products, integrated seamlessly into SOLIDWORKS. CAMWorks is a feature based manufacturing solution which is used by many of the UK’s leading companies. Simple to use and full of intelligent machining strategies CAMWorks is supported by a team of professional, experienced manufacturing engineers whose primary goal is to help our customers increase productivity and profitability.

If you have a manufacturing question or would like to evaluate any of our products please contact us.