AMD Series W professional graphics cards have been designed for advanced SOLIDWORKS workflow and simultaneous engineering, combining complex CAD modelling with sophisticated rendering and simulation (CAE). Unlike consumer graphics, the AMD Professioal graphics cards provide a number of GPU accelerated features and SOLIDWORKS-specific optimisations, delivering increased realism, ground-breaking performance and greater interactivity for designers and engineers.

Features and Benefits

Powerful real-time previews: RealView and Ambient Occlusion enable SOLIDWORKS 2017 to offer advanced shading in real time with outstanding depth and realism, helping to reduce the need for ray-traced rendering.

GPU-accelerated Transparency Mode: Order Independent Transparency (OIT) is available for SOLIDWORKS 2014 and 2015. OIT provides a “pixel-accurate” representation of the model and its surrounding geometry and delivers significant performance improvement over traditional blended mode because it is accelerated by the AMD Professional GPU. This creates a more practical transparent 3D viewpoint for designers to continuously work within, helping improve the user’s sense of “design intuition” and aid in better decision-making throughout the product development stages.

World’s first 28nm GPU Architecture - the AMD Professional W5000 graphics card is based on AMD’s latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) Architecture. This design efficiently balances computer tasks with 3D workloads, enabling multi-tasking that is designed to optimize utilisation and maximise performance.

PCI Express 3.0 - the latest AMD Professional graphics cards are PCI Express 3.0 compliant, helping reduce system bottlenecks and providing users more bandwidth on heavy workloads.

AMD Eyefinity Technology - Ready for 4K Displays: with support of the latest DisplayPort 1.2 standard, AMD Professional graphics cards with AMD Eyefinity technology can now be used with the latest 4K monitors and enable workflows that provide incredible, life-like details of your 3D models.

All recommended AMD Professional graphics cards are available with all major workstations manufactures.

The table below shows the different models and their relevant features.






AMD W2100 Professional Graphics  The workhorse of the range  2GB DDR3 memory (28.8 GB/s)
320 GCN Stream Processors
403.2 GFLOPS peak single precision and 25.5 GFLOPS peak double precision floating point performance
DirectXS 12 and Open GL 4.4
Supports OpenCL 2.0
2 x DisplayPort 1.2a
AMD W4100 Professional Graphics  Compact, low-power design- great graphics performance and display versatility  2GB GDDR5 memory (72 GB/s)
512 GCN Stream Processors
645.1 GFLOPS single precision and 40.3 GFLOPS double precision floating point performance
DirectX 12 an dOpenGL 4.4
Supports OpenCL 2.0
4x Mini DisplayPort
AMD W5100 Professional Graphics  Tackle larger projects with 4GB of graphics memory, 4K support and quad-display connectivity  4GB GDDR5 memory (96 GB/s)
768 GCN Stream Processors
1.43 TFLOPS single precision and 89.2 TFLOPS double precision floating point performance
DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.4
Supports OpenCL 2.0
4 x DisplayPort 1.2a
AMD W7100 Workstation Graphics  World's first single slot professional graphics card with 8GB memory - be prepared for large engineering and creative projects  8GB GDDR5 memory
1792 GCN Stream Processors
DirectX 12 and OpenGL 4.4
Supports OpenCL 2.0
4 x Display Port 1.2a