The latest versions feature the following enhancements:

TransMagic R10 sp1

New CAD Version Support

  • Upgraded to Parasolid 26.0
  • Upgraded to Inventor 2014
  • Upgraded to NX 8.5.2 Release
  • Upgraded to CATIA V6 R2014

New Supported Formats

  • DXF Read and Write: version R9 – R27 (2013), added to EXPERT, PRO and EXPRESS

Updated CAD Add-In Support

  • Inventor 2014

Preview Technology

  • SMLib Read and Write Plug-In (*.sms, *.iwp, *.iwb)
  • Collada Write (*.dae)

New TransMagic WorkCell4D product

Developed in collaboration with FANUC Robotics America, TransMagic WorkCell4D integrates complex CAD data with the FANUC R-30iB Controller and new iPendant Touch, allowing greater knowledge, efficiency and control in the manufacturing, product and system line processes.

New Features

New Model Selection Improvements

Dynamic Selection – New interactive selection paradigm, intuitively guides the user through selecting each level of a model’s hierarchy. “Walking” through the model hierarchy, Dynamic Selection begins by selecting Vertices, Edges and Faces. Moving up the hierarchy with each mouse click, Dynamic Selection then selects the Body, followed by Part selection, Sub-Assembly selection, and eventually, top-level assembly selection.

Standard Selection – The ability to select based on edges, faces, or bodies, often preferred for Advanced Filtering.

Assembly Tree Keyboard Controls – The ability to traverse the assembly tree using keyboard controls analogous to a file browser for more intuitive, efficient usage.

Assembly Tree Renaming Expansion – The ability to “Rename” all levels of the assembly tree: top-level assembly, sub-level assemblies, parts and bodies. (Historically, only bodies could be named.)

New Assembly Level Filter – Allows the user to control the scope of an operation’s application to the model, specifying assembly or sub-assembly levels, control often desired in situations like assembly repair.

Lite Repair By Color – Using attached color attributes, Lite Repair by Color will apply part repair to each color individually, delivering greatly improved performance and more accurate repair results.

Open in New Document – Seamless ability to open a part, assembly or selection in new document similar to browser controls.

Product Enhancements

Extensive PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) enhancements – Allows incoming PMI to be exponentially more usable for analysis, revision and downstream applications.

  • Added Parasolid PMI support
  • Added STEP AP242 PMI support

Multi-Core Processing – TransMagic spreads the processing requirements and usage across all available processing cores in a workstation, creating a faster, more efficient method of translation and repair.

Performance scales with the number of cores. Facet Refinement Options for Polygonal Formats – The ability to control the model output rendering with new common facet refinement options. Also available in TM COMMAND.

New Spaceball Support – Supports the new Spaceball API for continued seamless interaction with Spaceball hardware technology.

Visualisation Enhancements – Upgraded model highlighting, creates thicker edges for easier user selection.

Supported Environments:

Windows 7 and Windows 8

NOTE 1: Beginning with the release, Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer officially supported operating systems for TransMagic R10 sp1.0. Even though TransMagic R10 sp1 may run without problems on Windows XP and/or VISTA, these platforms will not be supported in the future. Windows 7 is the minimum requirement for TransMagic R10 sp1.0 versions and later.

NOTE 2: TransMagic R10 sp1.0 will be the last release of TransMagic to offer 32-bit applications. Future releases of TransMagic will require a 64-bit operating system.

MagicCheck R1 sp2 Release

As MagicCheck is based on the TransMagic core technology, it benefits from many of the enhancements listed above.

Enhanced MagicCheck Intelligence – Improved MagicCheck algorithm implemented to generate greater user control and results

Find Next Change – The ability to automatically manoeuvre model to each change region for analysis and revision management.

Enhanced Visualisation – Automatically populates image views of the model with each “Change Region” image for a complete model comparison document

New Point Import Formats - Several new point import formats added.