The design to manufacturing process commonly utilises 10 or more different 3D applications. The ability to reuse CAD data, from any source, can have a positive impact on sales, delivery schedules, and ultimately profitability. With TransMagic you can efficiently move CAD data to any downstream application. TransMagic provides the easiest and most reliable way for manufacturing professionals to reuse 3D data in any CAD/CAM/CAE application.

Many people rely on IGES or STEP files to get 3D solid models from one application into another. This practice adds considerable delays as these "standard" formats typically require extensive rework to be usable. File translation roadblocks can cause project delays, tie up valuable engineering resources and increase costs.

TransMagic simplifies the transfer of 3D CAD data between applications, improves the quality of 3D model files and significantly reduces manufacturing costs.

All TransMagic Suites offer 3D CAD file translation, geometry repair, file viewing, volume, measurement, and mass properties in a feature-rich and easy-to-use Windows interface. TransMagic Suites are available in standalone Desktop products and networked Workgroup configurations.

In addition to high quality, world-class CAD file translation, each TransMagic Suite provides valuable technology and features for File Repair, Viewing and real-time Internet Collaboration.

TransMagic products are available in a number of different suites:

For CAD Conversion & Repair - TransMagic R10 Product Line

TransMagic EXPERT

Powerful Geometry Toolkit for CAD Model Repair and Translation: for maximum bi-directional exchange of 3D CAD data utilising TransMagic's entire suite of sophisticated translation, visualisation and geometry repair tools - TransMagic EXPERT software provides the highest level capabilities to address the complex issues of 3D data-exchange between multiple engineering applications.

TransMagic PRO

Visualise, Query, Convert
For advanced levels of data conversion between 3D CAD formats, complete with automated model conditioning and geometry repair, feature rich query tools and visualisation options - TransMagic PRO contains specialised tools that enhance access to high fidelity design data, assembly structure and mass properties. Streamline manufacturing and job quoting processes.


Convert 3D CAD Data to RP and Entertainment Industry Formats
For converting 3D CAD data into poloygonal formats for use in rapid prototyping (RP), animation, game development and the entertainment industry - TransMagic CREATIVE streamlines rapid prototyping and creative design processes by delivering high quality 3D content from complex parts and assemblies.

TransMagic PowerPacks

Available for SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, TransMagic PowerPacks allow for complete design freedom, control and quality. From within your favourite design foundation, work on ANY files supported by TransMagic. The translation step is automatic in seconds! TransMagic PowerPack allows you to utilise your design features as well as TrnasMagic features such as MagicSurface, creating the best quality file for your design. When you're ready to save TransMagic PowerPack allows you to save out to any file supported by TransMagic too.

TransMagic MagicCheck (for Geometry Comparison)

TransMagic MagicCheck software quickly opens all major 3D CAD formats, including point data, to compare against the source CAD model and analyse accuracy. Produce validation, revision and inspection reports for quality control processes.

For Visualisation - TransMagic View+ Universal 3D Viewer and Quoting Tool

For feature-rich viewing of 3D CAD models and polygonal file formats. TransMagic View+ opens any CAD format, offering complete product manufacturing information (PMI) and mass property data for shop floor, job quoting and design reviews.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum data exchange efficiency: TransMagic reads proprietary CAD files in their native formats.
  • Powerful Repair tools condition models to optimise data exchange quality which results in much greater efficiency and higher data integrity.
  • Intuitive user interface allows engineers and even non-CAD experts to start file translation projects within minutes of installation.
  • No CAD software is required: TransMagic products offer an independent bridge between all 3D CAD/CAM/CAE systems, which is routinely updated to ensure it keeps pace with current CAD software releases.
  • State-of-the-art file repair technology quickly and easily makes adjustments to condition models and eliminate problems of gaps, missing surfaces or surfaces that don't fit the part, eliminating the problem before files are translated.
  • Rapid return on investment comes from the intuitive interface, automated repair functions and universal compatibility.
  • Scalability: sompanies can choose value priced suites or purchase entry level products, adding more capabilities at a later date as and when required, thereby protecting their initial investment.


PROCAT: Engaging Students With SOLIDWORKS



Prospects College of Advanced Technology (PROCAT), was the UK's first college of advanced technology which was opened by the UK government in July 2014. Based in Essex, it aims to offer students the best quality education possible with state-of-the-art technology so that they can become the next generation of engineers and skilled construction workers.

The Challenge

PROCAT needed to upgrade its existing 3D CAD system from AUTOCAD 2010 to a parametric-based software. The engineering team needed a CAD system that would meet the requirements of their Level 1, 2 and 3 courses but also a software that would let them expand their curriculum to offer the higher HNC Foundation and degree courses.
They needed a parametric CAD package that was common to employers worldwide, that would link CNC to CAM, was intuitive to 3D printing and that would meet their curriculum requirements not only for the HNC courses but also to accommodate their longer term strategy to facilitate the higher foundation degrees. They wanted a CAD package with FEA capabilities to demonstrate mechanical principles and 3D stresses. The No. 1 priority for 87 per cent of the businesses they work with is to have apprentices who can use 3D CAD and who are industry ready. It was crucial they got it right.

The Solution

PROCAT engineering department evaluated a number of CAD providers but found SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD held not only the biggest market share but also offered a comprehensive suite of tools for all their 2D and 3D teaching requirements.
One of PROCAT's industry partnerships is with Olympus Keymed, a leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the healthcare and electronics industries, who recommended they talked to SOLIDWORKS reseller New Technology CADCAM.
As a consequence PROCAT not only invested in a 500 Campus Education Pack, but also in full commercial seats of SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, SOLIDWORKS Inspection, SOLIDWORKS Composer, CAMWorks for 5 axis manufacturing with G-code and TransMagic for data translation.

The Results

The SOLIDWORKS Campus Licence, which provides 500 PROCAT students with a SOLIDWORKS home activation kit, is an invaluable resource that gives them the chance to develop their skills outside the classroom.
The lecturers at PROCAT are now adopting a new approach to teaching CAD. Before they started students with 2D and then asked them to draw a 2D item into a third angle graphic projection - something they found difficult to express, but using SOLIDWORKS has enabled them to turn their teaching on its head and to start engaging students straight away with a prepared 3D model which they then take back to the 2D state and draw it. All of which is handled completely within SOLIDWORKS.

Getting the right equipment and package to suit not only their student requirements to complete course modules but also to offer their employer partners 'job-ready apprentices' with the confidence and skills set for when they arrive at work has been exactly what PROCAT were looking for.

"Using SOLIDWORKS has turned our CAD teaching on its head. Rather than start in 2D, I can engage students straight away with 3D models and then we can pick it apart, taking the models back to their 2D state and drawing it. I can do it all in SOLIDWORKS."

Alan Claughan
Lecturer in Engineering, PROCAT