Design Analysis Software

How do you know you have the best design? Test It!

Test and verify your designs quickly reducing the need for expensive physical prototypes. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is available in a number of versions of design validation software, each offering an increasing range of analysis tools, such as finite element analysis, structural analysis and design analysis to enable you to quickly and easily check your products.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

 An intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static, motion and fatigue simulation, suitable to answer common engineering challenges embedded within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

  • Linear Static Analysis for Assembly
  • Time-based Motion Simulation
  • Fatigue Analysis - to test product durability
  • Trend Tracker Productivity Tool, which provides visual feedback on the impact of a design change on performance criteria such as maximum stress level.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

 Goes beyond core simulation and expands the virtual test environment to product durability and natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling, and pressure analysis and complex loading.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Provides a full range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation capabilities to ensure product robustness. Additional tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response and dynamic loading.

See also:
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - takes the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate design-critical fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces quickly and easily.

Key Benefits

  • Included within the SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D CAD design package
  • Core design analysis simulation tools test for strength and safety, analyse assembly kinematics, and simulate product performance.
  • Full integration with SOLIDWORKS creates a short learning curve
  • Redundant tasks often required with traditional analysis tools are eliminated
  • Component materials, connection, and relationships defined during the design process are carried through to simulation.
  • Wide range of geometry types are supported, enabling simulation of real-world performance of solid, thin-walled and structural features.


ISD Gives Welsh Companies The Edge With SOLIDWORKS CAD Solutions


Institute of Sustainable Design (ISD)

The Organisation

The Institute of Sustainable Design (ISD) in Swansea, South Wales, is a £4.7m ERDF funded project. Led by Dr Ian Walsh at University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD), the team comprises business, design and technical advisors who work together to transfer the knowledge of the university and assist businesses in building up their capacity to undertake research and innovation.

By providing expert advice and support to qualifying businesses and individuals looking to develop commercially sustainable routes to market, ISD can assist them in developing design capacity within their business.

The Challenge

ISD has a very broad remit and needed advanced CAD solutions that could assist with a variety of industries, primarily in industrial design, automotive design and glass. They needed to scour the market for software that was easy to use and that could deliver a whole range of solutions on budget."

The Solution

In 2012, ISD bought four high-end workstations running commercial seats of SOLIDWORKS Premium, two seats of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, two seats of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for Computational Fluid Dynamics, SOLIDWORKS Sustainability and two seats of 3DVIA Composer (now SOLIDWORKS Composer).

The Result

  • Seamless data translation reduced design cycles
  • FEA testing delivers better designed products
  • Improved prototypes aids significant savings in costs of materials
  • Accelerated prototype testing speeds up time-to-market
  • Design led businesses are more than twice as likely to see rapid growth
  • Design driven businesses outperform their peers by 200 percent

"Customers walk in and have the 'Wow' moment when they realise SOLIDWORKS can reduce their time to market and bring so much potential to their company."


In partnership with NT CADCAM, ISD run a variety of CAD workshops to introduce SMEs to the benefits of integrating digital workflows into their innovation process. "NT CADCAM workshops have been a great way to target so many different people at one time," explains Matt. "We have a wide range of clients coming to these workshops and any questions they have had, NT CADCAM have been able to draw on real life case studies that have worked in similar situations. We are demonstrating 3D CAD using SOLIDWORKS and NT CADCAM because we feel they can offer us expert knowledge and real examples of how to fully exploit the software and help make a significant impact to peoples' product designs."

Matt Bellis

Technical Officer for CAD and Prototyping Technologies