Design Analysis Software

How do you know you have the best design? Test It!

Test and verify your designs quickly reducing the need for expensive physical prototypes. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is available in a number of versions of design validation software, each offering an increasing range of analysis tools, such as finite element analysis, structural analysis and design analysis to enable you to quickly and easily check your products.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

 An intuitive virtual testing environment for linear static, motion and fatigue simulation, suitable to answer common engineering challenges embedded within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

  • Linear Static Analysis for Assembly
  • Time-based Motion Simulation
  • Fatigue Analysis - to test product durability
  • Trend Tracker Productivity Tool, which provides visual feedback on the impact of a design change on performance criteria such as maximum stress level.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

 Goes beyond core simulation and expands the virtual test environment to product durability and natural frequencies, heat transfer and buckling, and pressure analysis and complex loading.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Provides a full range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation capabilities to ensure product robustness. Additional tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response and dynamic loading.

See also:
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - takes the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate design-critical fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces quickly and easily.

Key Benefits

  • Included within the SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D CAD design package
  • Core design analysis simulation tools test for strength and safety, analyse assembly kinematics, and simulate product performance.
  • Full integration with SOLIDWORKS creates a short learning curve
  • Redundant tasks often required with traditional analysis tools are eliminated
  • Component materials, connection, and relationships defined during the design process are carried through to simulation.
  • Wide range of geometry types are supported, enabling simulation of real-world performance of solid, thin-walled and structural features.


Delivering Liquid/Solids Separation Equipment Faster with SOLIDWORKS


Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc.

The Company 

When it comes to separating solids from liquids—whether in oil fields, petrochemical plants, meat-processing facilities, or in the production of vegetable oil, marine fuels, and biodiesel— centrifuges, decanters, and separators from Hutchison Hayes Separation Inc., often play an important role. The Houston, Texas-based company pioneered the development of liquid/ solids separation technology for the oil-well drilling industry back in 1928. Today, Hutchison Hayes continues to be a major supplier to oil and gas services companies, like Halliburton and Baker Hughes, but has expanded into other markets that use separation equipment.

The Challenge 

Shorten delivery times and improve manufacturing of liquid/solids separation products to support growth through expansion of its product line.

The Solution

Implement SOLIDWORKS Premium design and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional analysis software to streamline development and manufacturing.

The Result

  • Cut lead-times by 50 percent
  • Streamlined sales process
  • Improved manufacturability
  • Supported 20 percent annual growth rate

"With SOLIDWORKS, we can quickly iterate on our basic concepts to expand our product line, such as making a bigger decanter from an existing design. In short, SolidWorks makes the development process more efficient."

David Moore
CAD/CAM Engineer