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Typically conceptual design consumes almost a third of project time, with an average of six different design iterations. With 98 percent of companies collaborating on conceptual design, the potential impact on your time-to-market and cost is clear, and transparent data management and communication are critical.

Formerly known as Mechanical Conceptual, SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design simplifies conceptual design and encourages natural collaboration. It is an instinctive, easy-to-use design tool, which provides a way to harness the collective intelligence of the whole design team, customers and supply chain, in order to capture ideas and obtain feedback.

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design is complementary to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, so designers can focus on solving design challenges quickly; develop, verify, and present concepts; and then easily transition to building part and assembly structures.

This product combines the benefits of feature-based and history-free modelling in an unique way to provide a highly flexible, interactive workflow. Wasted design time is eliminated by eliminating the need to start again or drastically rework a design in order to make an underlying change. A single modelling environment merges design history, parametrics and direct editing so users can develop concepts in many different ways - top down, bottom up, layout sketch or master model. 2D concepts quickly evolve into detailed 3D concept designs with automatic mapping of sketch relations into assembly mates and motion drivers

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies complex ideas at the conceptual design stage.
  • Allows more design iterations in the same time, and/or speed time-to-market.
  • Encourages greater design innovation.
  • Intelligent data can be accessed any time from anywhere, safely and securely.
  • Continuous file saving keeps design files and intelligent data current, safe and secure.
  • Access data via the cloud so development teams can communicate from anywhere, any time to ensure easy collaboration.
  • Direct editing easily transforms both native and imported geometry without limits, reducing remodelling time.
  • Realistic predictive behaviour confirms mechanical operation and shows how a model reacts in the real world, toidentify problems and resolve them while designing.
  • Evolve design from layout sketches and 3D geometry to separate parts and assemblies without being constrained by product structures.
  • Confirms mechanical operations and alerts if design goals are violated.
  • Automatic background simulation and real-time analysis during design confirm model operations.


SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design - Kennedy Hygiene Puts First EMEA License to Work


Kennedy Hygiene

The Company

Kennedy Hygiene has been a leading manufacturer of washroom products since 1961 when it introduced the first roller towel cabinet. Based in East Sussex, the company has continuously evolved its design process and now produces fully integrated handwash systems. Investing a significant percentage of its turnover into new product development, it was the perfect partner to assist SOLIDWORKS in the development of its revolutionary Conceptual Design software (formerly known as Mechanical Conceptual) through the LightHouse pilot programme.

The Challenge

Kennedy Hygiene wanted a more forgiving way of turning "pencil and paper" conceptual design stages into a faster and more effective feasibility process.

The Solution

Conceptual Design was the perfect fit as it allowed them to designed their hygiene systems in small confined spaces.

The Result

  • 40 per cent reduction in overall conceptual design phase
  • Improved management of concept feasibility
  • Faster trace paths

"Conceptual Design is a revolutionary approach to creating a concept and saving design time"

William Macleod

Product Design Manager