Describe, document and communicate your products in a whole new way: SOLIDWORKS Composer (formerly 3DVIA Composer) enables companies to more effectively communicate complex product details to create high-quality technical communications such as parts manuals, assembly instructions and training manuals, as well as interactive animations by non-engineers. With its easy-to-use product approach, SOLIDWORKS Composer streamlines the creation of 2D and 3D graphical contents for product communication and technical illustrations.

SOLIDWORKS Composer allows non-technical users to create associative 2D and 3D product collateral directly from your 3D CAD data.


  • By making use of existing product designs SOLIDWORKS Composer enables you to generate material earlier which is then kept up to date automatically, helping to lower costs and speed time to market.
  • Initiate technical communications and product manuals earlier in the design process utilising content from 3D model
  • Automatically update all content as designs change, reducing rework and bringing your product to market faster
  • No CAD experience required - free up engineers to focus on what they do best
  • Clearly communicate complex products and procedures visually and comprehensively
  • Work natively with existing SOLIDWORKS design data, such as visual attributes, file properties and assembly hierarchies
  • By using the power of 3D, manufacturers can produce technical production communications that ensure customers and partners understand and retain information more effectively
  • Use 3D interactive animations, 2D line art images (SVG, EPS, CGM) as well as high-resolution raster images (BMP, JPG, PNG and TIF files) in marketing collateral, sales proposals and support materials to show your product before manufacture
    Complement tools such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, PDF and HTML software

Using SOLIDWORKS composer, anyone can quickly or easily create:

  • Exploded views
  • High resolution, fully rendered images
  • Interative BOMs
  • Interactive storyboards
  • Vector graphics and raster graphics
  • Shaded illustrations
  • Silhouette, wireframe and flat renderings
  • Video animations


Powering Up New Business with SOLIDWORKS Composer


Zesar Technology For Batteries

The Company

Winning new business in a global economy can be difficult for small, family-owned manufacturers like Zesar. The Turkish company competes in a highly competitive niche market: developing custom machinery for battery production. Zesar's machines automate the production of batteries for both automotive and marine use.

The company's success depends on advancing its technology and improving the efficiency of its design and manufacturing operations. However, Zesar faces the added challenge of having to show its strengths and the effectiveness of its technology without the deep resources of its larger competitors.

Historically, battery machine manufacturers have had to invest in building demonstration units to win the confidence of prospective customers. This type of expenditure represents a real burden for a company like Zesar, which had sound technology, competitive prices, and a satisfied customer base, but lacked the means to attract the attention of new customers.

The Challenge

Grow the company's custom battery machine business by demonstrating the functionality and benefits of its technology without incurring the costs of building an actual machine.

The Solution

Add SOLIDWORKS Composer documentation software to supplement the company's SOLIDWORKS product development platform.


  • Reduced time-to-market by 66 percent
  • Cut design time by 70 percent
  • Decreased development costs by 60 percent
  • Used SOLIDWORKS Composer animation to win €700,000 contract.

We immediately understood that SOLIDWORKS Composer could help us obtain the global reach and technical credibility we needed to grow the business.

Yavuz Sariçam
Foreign Trade Manager, Zesar Technology