Identify Existing Parts


There is nothing more frustrating than spending days designing a part, only to be told from manufacturing that they've actually found something that will "do the job" sitting in storage on another site.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if your company could have their own bespoke "Google-style" search engine for CAD data, which would let you filter through all the Intellectual Property (IP) quickly and easily?

So if there is a part already designed, sitting on a shelf somewhere, you can simply access the drawings in minutes and see if it can be reused.

Available from SOLIDWORKS is Exalead OnePart. Not only can designers index all the IP quickly and simply with natural text queries, but EXALEAD OnePart can search dispersed CAD engineering data sets globally with advanced filtering capabilities that let you find and discover new parts - even if they were created in a different language.

EXALEAD is a prolific, semantic search engine. It looks at the way files are constructed, by volume and physical attributes such as metadata and allows you to do a search on those features over a series of networks, including multiple CAD systems and even other PDM systems.

The potential for cost savings is huge. There is an amount of consultancy work required before it can be implemented into a multi-site environment, but when EXALEAD OnePart is up and running it will provide effective search results in seconds and be able to decide whether recreating a part is really necessary.