Included with the download of any eDrawings Publisher products, the eDrawings API allows customisation of eDrawings software to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. You will need an eDrawings Professional license to build applications that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of eDrawings Professional.

As an email-enabled application, eDrawings software offers capabilities that can support a variety of engineering and business processes.

Click below to download instructions that will allow you to take advantage of the eDrawings API (Application Programming Interface).

Key Benefits

  • Build custom applications to meet your business and engineering requirements
  • Can support a variety of engineering and business processes, including product data management and automated manufacturing
  • Automatic archiving of product designs
  • Listing of product design components for visualisation purposes
  • Publishing of eDrawings files without having the original CAD application running
  • Viewing of configurations and mass properties
  • Creation of tool tips in association with components
  • Integration of the advanced viewing and mark-up capabilities