Collaborate more effectively with everyone involved in product development by using eDrawings software, the first email-enabled communication tool that dramatically eases sharing of product design information.

Fast, reliable, and convenient, eDrawings files can supply representations of 3D models and 2D drawings created with many of the most widely used CAD systems on the market. eDrawings offers unique capabilities like point-and-click animations that make it easy for anyone with a PC to interpret and understand 2D and 3D design data.

eDrawings now includes Augmented Reality (AR). This allows you to view your 3D models in 1:1 scale into the real world. By simply activating the device’s camera, you can bring your virtual 3D designs in a real context and see them in situ, sitting on your desk or on your conference room table or even in the palm of your hand, through your iPad


Choose from four categories of eDrawings products. Please note that many of the same capabilities are combined in the products below to meet the needs of specific types of users. Most users only need to download one product from the categories listed below:

eDrawings Viewer

eDrawings Publisher

eDrawings Professional

eDrawings API


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