Design automation - are your designs the same but different? Automate!

DriveWorks software lets you capture and re-use knowledge and rules to specify, design and engineer-to-order. Use DriveWorks to automate repetitive tasks and generate design and manufacturing output quickly and accurately.

The product comes into its own when new products are designed which are based on a common theme, or feature repetitive tasks that can be automated, or are products easily defined by a set of rules.

DriveWorks software is scalable, so you can get started with the minimum of effort and financial outlay. You can start with DriveWorks Xpress, upgrade to DriveWorks Solo and then add one or more of the DriveWorks Pro individual modules.

DriveWorks Xpress

DriveWorks Xpress is an easy to use, rules-based design automation tool for SOLIDWORKS Engineers that is fully integrated inside every seat of SOLIDWORKS.

  • Create multiple variations of parts, assemblies and drawings quickly and accurately.
  • Reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Capture and re-use design knowledge
  • Drive Dimensions, Features and Custom Properties
  • Create a drawing for each part and assembly
  • Incorporate design rules to minimise errors and the cost of manual mistakes
  • Liberate design engineers from repetitive tasks to concentrate on new and special designs
  • Scalable path from DriveWorks Xpress to DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks Solo

DriveWorks Solo provides added functionality with custom forms inside SOLIDWORKS and lets you preview your results whilst delivering compelling 3D designs and detailed drawings for manufacturing. It is the quick and easy way to create custom products

  • Set up and use in the engineering department.
  • Reduce the cost of custom designs
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Customisable forms aid selections
  • Preview results – 3D models, drawings and document
  • Re-use existing company data
  • Template documents for responding quickly to sales enquiries
  • New files created automatically

DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks Pro is the complete option, with software seats to suit each company department and scenario. From the Drawing Office to the web, from skilled engineers to non-technical sales staff. With DriveWorks Pro, products can be configured inside SOLIDWORKS, locally or in a browser on a variety of devices.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the cost of custom designs
  • Respond quickly to sales enquiries
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Scale to the Web
  • Import/Export dynamic data
  • Generate multiple document formats
  • Integrate with Enterprise PDM
  • Customisable forms aid selections
  • Preview 3D models in SOLIDWORKS


Steel Design in a 3D World with SOLIDWORKS

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Marsh Metalworks

The Company

Marsh Metalworks is a father and son outfit specialising in steel construction for the building industry. Established in 2009, the Essex-based firm have grown their business to design, manufacture and install bespoke structural steel, architectural ironmongery and balcony and balustrade solutions for the housing and commercial markets.

The Challenge

Director and designer Kevin Marsh had been using AutoCAD 2D throughout his career to produce customer drawings. Now running his own business with son Terry, they wanted to improve productivity and costs in three key areas:

  • Reduce cost of 2D software upgrades
  • Improve time to process orders
  • Elminate production errors

Each new order was created as a 2D drawing and then sent for customer approval before being sent down to the shop floor for manufacture. Getting the drawings approved was causing delays, as any dimensional changes requested by the customer would require every drawing to be started again from scratch.
The company was also struggling to find employees that could accurately read 2D drawings, which meant kevin's time could be tied up further with shop floor queries, higher levels of manual errors and delays in production.

The Solution

To reduce the annual cost of 2D upgrades from AutoCAD, Kevin researched other 2D products and discovered DraftSight from Dassault Systemes, which was free to download and included free updates. However, he still wanted to improve their day-to-day design flow, so once they were up and running with DraftSight he requested a demo for another Dassault Systemes product: SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.
Moving from 2D to 3D was easy because SOLIDWORKS' software lets you preserve the value of 2D .DWG data with accurate data conversion, accommodating reusable 2D geometry and enabling a smooth transition. It also lets the designer automate the creation of drawings and automatically check designs for common errors and auto-updates while they work.

The Results

Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, Kevin has virtually eliminated the time it takes to implement design changes and their design process from initial drawing to approval is now 30 per cent faster.

  • Easy Transition from 2D to 3D
  • Design process 30% faster with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
  • Improved workflows with SOLIDWORKS Weldments
  • Design automation
  • Auto-updates
  • Shopfloor mate and production errors eliminated
"SOLIDWORKS has had a dramatic effect on getting our orders processed. Working in  2D it could take me days to implement any dimensional design changes; in SOLIDWORKS I can do the alterations in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea."
Kevin Marsh, Director, Marsh Metalworks