To help our customers remain competitive in today’s market NT CADCAM has increased its products and services in computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to support more complex CNC machining requirements such as 5 axis machining and advanced mill-turn operations.

Our entry level CAM offering can be found in every license of SOLIDWORKS from release 2018 onwards. SOLIDWORKS CAM (powered by CAMWorks) provides access for every SOLIDWORKS user to 2.5axis milling and turning functionality. Working on the native SOLIDWORKS file SOLIDWORKS CAM can also handle STP (Step) and IGES files easily via the SOLIDWORKS user interface.

For customers wishing to perform more complex 5 axis milling and multi-axis mill-turn operations CAMWorks is available.  CAMWorks speeds up complex offline programming and has the option of G-Code verification via machine simulation, meaning programmes can be checked for collisions before being issued to the shop floor. NT also customise post processors to suit your machines and optimise tool paths to provide intelligent machining and maintain company standards.

Both SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks offer automatic feature recognition and fully associative machining, so if you change the part the NC code updates. Uniquely they also support SOLIDWORKS model based definition (MBD) allowing tolerances and surface finishes to be taken straight from the model and used automatically by the CAM system.

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